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A boutique electric vehicle modification garage launches today

Iconic EV has launched today, after developing a boutique garage that offers a custom service for converting any classic pre-1996 vehicle to electric power, using Tesla batteries.

The company’s experienced team of mechanics are able to modify these vehicles so they run better off an electric motor and look great too.

“Our goal is to provide Australians with a high-end service that will optimise the performance and aesthetic of their pre-1996 vehicle following the modification,” says Iconic EV Director, Yianni Chapley. “Clients can feel confident they will drive out of our garage with a reliable, environmentally friendly vehicle they can be proud of.”

“We are just in the process of finalising the conversion of a Series three ex Aus Army Perentie 110, which we will use as a proof of concept to build up our client base.”

The company says they are meeting the growing market demand for electric vehicle conversion, as car owners know traditional fuel will soon become obsolete.

“This is about providing car owners with the option of ensuring their vintage vehicles have longevity and will be able to operate off future refuelling infrastructure, while also improving performance, increasing its lifespan and enhancing its design so it looks great too.”

“After hearing about the current vehicle we are converting, there has been a substantial amount of interest from potential customers across Australia, which is why we are wanting to increase our capabilities so we can deliver on the strong market demand.”

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