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Capital Raise Nearly Full

The Pure Biochar capital raise is on track to being fully subscribed following its launch via the online platform VCEX.
With shares going quickly, get in now so you do not miss out on this pre-IPO opportunity.

Investors show confidence in Pure Biochar’s clear pathway to a planned IPO

Investors are backing Pure Biochar’s clear pathway to an IPO which is seeing them target a set of high-value, carbon-intensive industries — steel/iron production, building materials and agriculture.
The company has already commenced conversations with potential offtakers in these sectors — which has a collective market size of US$11t — who are looking at how they can decarbonise their value chain.
As they are first to market, Pure Biochar believes there is scope to form large, long-term contracts with these entities.
Once these are in place, Pure Biochar will seek a planned listing on a favourable exchange in Q1 2023 to finance the construction of Australia’s first industrial-scale biochar production facility.

Target markets:

Steel/iron production: As a renewable fuel source, biochar is gaining interest as an alternative to coal and coke in steel/iron making.
Building materials: Studies have further shown that biochar-containing building materials have a great potential for carbon footprint reduction.
Agriculture: Biochar-based compound fertilisers have been proven to enhance crop yields and modify soil properties, which is why there is now commercial production across the globe.
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