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Green Investors Club: End of Financial Year Wrap Up

As we close out the financial year, we are excited to have seen the progress green hydrogen has made globally as a clean alternative energy source. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners throughout FY23 to provide Australians and the world with cutting-edge renewable solutions.

As net-zero by 2050 becomes the universal standard, we believe it is critical to support technological innovation and foster cross-industry collaboration. In the coming years, this approach will play an important role in decarbonising the global economy.

We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the green energy revolution.

With unparalleled investment from both private and government organisations, we expect the Australian green hydrogen industry to thrive in FY23.

See below our final wrap up for FY22 and stay tuned for more exciting investment opportunities!

Poseidon Marine H2’s versatile marine tech is due to be provisionally patented in the next three months

Poseidon Marine H2 is working full steam ahead towards having a finite element analysis of their technology by the end of August 2022, which will give them a proof of concept validated by a third-party.

Once the testing is completed by an independent organisation, the company will have a computerised model that predicts how their revolutionary marine tech will react to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects.

Poseidon Marine H2 will be able to use this to secure a provisional patent.

This will allow the company to form licensing agreements with large manufacturers and industrial/public contracts with defence forces, ferry operators, police bodies and other major maritime sectors around the world.

Looking to invest in an electric vehicle conversion company?

The Iconic EV capital raise is live! Get in quick so you don’t miss out on investing in this boutique garage that offers a custom service for converting any classic pre-1996 vehicle to electric power, using Tesla batteries.

Iconic EV’s goal is to provide Australians with a high-end service that will ensure their vintage vehicles have longevity and will be able to operate off future refueling infrastructure, while also optimising performance, increasing its lifespan and enhancing its aesthetic.

Aviation H2 gives a behind-the-scenes view on the Allplane Podcast

Check out this in-depth podcast interview with Aviation H2’s Director and Principal Engineer, Dr Helmut Mayer, who provides a detailed update on his plans to have Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane in the sky midway through 2023.

Don’t miss out on this informative discussion!

Australia’s first industrial-scale biochar producer launches capital raise

Pure Biochar has launched a 300k capital raise via the online platform VCEX to fund the initial stages of developing Australia’s first industrial-scale biochar production plant.

The company’s goal is to become Australia’s first mass-producer of biochar, which will allow them to deliver this revolutionary product to the Australian market and surrounding Asian regions where it is already established.

Once permits to build the facility are approved, Pure Biochar intends to seek a planned listing on a favourable exchange in February 2023 to finance the construction of the production plant, which they aim to be commercially operational in Q4 2023.

To support this, the company is already in talks to form offtake agreements with potential biomass suppliers and customers wanting to purchase biochar.

Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are always seeking investments in the renewable space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about how we can bring value to your business. Liberty Energy Capital has a proven track record in helping companies accelerate their growth and generate the funding needed for success.

Currently, we are seeking technology partners for:

  • Pioneer Aerospace H2: a company that is committed to helping the aerospace industry transition to sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy through cutting-edge hydrogen technology.
  • Buy Hydrogen: a company seeking to provide Australians with a direct purchasing link to hydrogen suppliers, ensuring users receive the best price.
  • Clean Renewable Technologies: a company looking to licence their technology to Australian businesses, enabling renewable power production for domestic and international markets.
  • Trojan Logistics: a business with plans to become the Australian leader of hydrogen transportation, being the country’s first molecular storage, haulage and distribution operator.
  • Voyager Hydrogen: is a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.
  • Pure Biochar: seeking a technology partner to leverage the substantial opportunities the biochar market presents.

Get in touch today if interested in working with us on these exciting projects. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next instalment of the Green Investors Club in two weeks’ time.

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We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the green energy revolution.

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