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Green Investors Club February Wrap Up

As we close out the second month of 2022, Liberty Energy Capital and its partners have kept the momentum going following a series of deals, capital raises, and opportunities for potential technology partners and investors.

We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the renewable energy revolution.

Look below for an update on all the exciting moves our partners are making in the clean hydrogen space.

Register for Titan Hydrogen capital raise

Titan Hydrogen is preparing to open for its next round of investments via the online trading platform VCEX to fund the development of its revolutionary fuel cell. There are limited shares available, so create an account now to ensure you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.

Investment highlights:

  • Unique fuel cell development with the patent-pending on a world-first technology set to redefine a transport market worth US$8.9 trillion.
  • Large contracts and lucrative opportunities are expected for businesses that can commercialise their operations in the next five years.
  • Partnership with the Queensland University of Technology who supports the development of the fuel cell. Testing at their facilities shows Titan is close to developing scalable technology that can increase the capacity of fuel cells by up to 60%.
  • Early entry into the hydrogen fuel cell industry is anticipated to reach a value of US$16.50 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 43.8%.
Once this world-first technology is commercialised, we will see a quick global uptake of hydrogen fuel cells.
Stay tuned for more details on this exciting opportunity.


Poseidon Marine H2 secures a world-class technology partner to build a hydrogen-powered boat by the third quarter of 2023

Poseidon Marine H2 has engaged a team of internationally respected engineers to accelerate its ambitions to build a hydrogen-powered boat within the next 18 months. This forms part of the company’s strategy to capitalise on the rapidly growing demand for technology that will decarbonise the maritime industry.

The agreement between Dynamic Efficiency and Poseidon Marine H2 will see principal engineers — Peter Mastalir and Kevin Morgan — lead the development of an emissions-free pleasure craft.
The two bring a combined 75 years’ experience in leading large-scale mechanical based projects, while Peter has also spent several years directing a marine engineering business.
We are thrilled to be working closely with the pair, who have a proven track record spearheading some of Australia’s most innovative mechanical and electrical engineering projects,” said a Poseidon H2 spokesperson. “This partnership marks an important step forward to providing a clean solution for a sector that makes up 2.5% of global emissions.

H2X Warrego ute about to hit the market

H2X’s hydrogen-powered Warrego ute is due to be launched in the next quarter, with already lots of demand for the green-powered vehicle.
There is a lot of demand for the Warrego in Europe because of the subsidies,” said Pure Hydrogen Managing Director, Scott Brown.
The company has also launched a hydrogen fuel cell-powered bus, which is taking orders now.

Investor Stream chats with Pure Hydrogen

Pure Hydrogen Corporation (ASX:PH2) Managing Director Scott Brown joins Investor Stream following H2X (PH2 24%) signing a joint venture with Advik to manufacture fuel cells, generators and vehicles into India.

Pure Hydrogen powers up for a landmark year of deals and advancement

Pure Hydrogen is revving up to top gear in 2022 as the Aussie innovator looks to capitalise on the massive interest in the sector and its growing technology.
Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) is advancing its position as an Australian green-tech leader, building out the Australian hydrogen sector with further partnerships, hydrogen plants and pilot trials planned for the next six to twelve months.
As the company continues to drive growth across its three key revenue streams it has become the largest shareholder in Aussie hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) manufacturer H2X Global Limited, with a 24% stake and option to double on the table.

Aviation H2 Director gives behind the scenes access

Aviation H2 Director, Dr Helmut Mayer, has taken us through the comprehensive testing and research that goes into launching Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane in the next 18 months.

The company is looking to achieve this by developing a state-of-the-art method for converting traditional aircraft into hydrogen-fuelled planes, allowing potential customers to modify existing aircraft rather than investing in an entirely new fleet.

See below a diagram of one of the avenues to flight Dr Mayer is currently considering. Once initial testing is completed next month, the engineering team will present their recommendation on the most commercially viable model and start constructing a prototype.


Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are always seeking investments in the renewable space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about how we can bring value to your business. Liberty Energy Capital has a proven track record in helping companies accelerate their growth and generate the funding needed for success.

Currently, we are seeking technology partners for:
  • Pioneer Aerospace H2: a company that is committed to helping the aerospace industry transition to sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy through cutting-edge hydrogen technology.
  • Buy Hydrogen: a company seeking to provide Australians with a direct purchasing link to hydrogen suppliers, ensuring users receive the best price.
  • Clean Renewable Technologies: a company looking to licence their technology to Australian businesses, enabling renewable power production for domestic and international markets.
  • Trojan Logistics: a business with plans to become the Australian leader of hydrogen transportation, being the country’s first molecular storage, haulage and distribution operator.
  • Voyager Hydrogen: is a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.
Get in touch today if interested in working with us on these exciting projects. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next instalment of the Green Investors Club in two weeks’ time.

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We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the green energy revolution.

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