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Green Investors Club July Wrap Up

As the first month of FY23 ends, we are excited to see the progress green hydrogen and other forms of renewable energy have made globally.
Look below for an update on all the exciting moves our partners are making.

H2i Technology opens for order interest

hydrogen enhancement
Diesel generator being enhanced by H2i Technology's kit.
H2i Technology has started taking order interest so it can deliver on the surge in market demand the Company has seen since releasing the test results, which showed substantial emission reductions and fuel savings for diesel internal combustion engines.
The Company is already in advanced conversations with businesses interested in how the units can extend the operational life, reduce emissions, cut fuel costs and optimise the efficiency of their existing diesel infrastructure.
The Company’s team of world-renowned engineers ran the testing on a 250KVA diesel generator loaded with 130KW to simulate the diesel generators being used in commercial applications.
Make sure to register your investment interest now so you do not miss out on this advantageous opportunity.

Poseidon Marine H2 forms a strategic partnership with Griffith University

Griffith University and Poseidon Marine H2 have joined forces to develop a versatile marine technology that will allow boats to operate off multiple fuels, including diesel and hydrogen.
The letter of intent will see Griffith University become Poseidon Marine H2’s strategic partner, which will give the marine tech company access to the university’s resources.

Griffith Uni’s letter of intent outlines its plans to:

  • Become a strategic partner.
  • Provide R & D testing services to facilitate the optimised design of the prototype vessel.
  • Provide Advance Manufacturing services (i.e. – 3D Printing, Composite filament winding, etc.) to support the manufacturing of the prototype vessel.
Poseidon Marine H2 says this partnership will be critical to manufacturing their prototype vessel, which will be delivered in Q3 2023.

New company launch soon

A new company will be launching soon which is developing technology that can take used tyres and convert them into hydrogen.
The company’s model will provide both waste management and clean energy solution for its customers.
The new venture is currently speaking with various entities in Western Australia, where there are millions of tonnes of discarded tyres as well as various offtake parties.
Australia landfills and stockpiles 16 million tyres annually while exporting 33 million tyres
Check out our investment centre so you do not miss out on any of the opportunities Liberty Energy Capital’s partners have launched.

Iconic EV targets 2.2B market

Iconic EV believes targeting Australia’s historic car sector, which has an annual spend of A$2.2b, creates a substantial opportunity for the company to accelerate its business model.
The company will seek a listing on a favourable exchange in the next 18 months to finance the development of Australia’s first large-scale electric vehicle conversion facility so they can service the large market demand they have seen since launching.

Experts back Poseidon Marine H2

Poseidon Marine H2 has impressed analysts with its progress in developing a versatile technology that will allow boats to operate more efficiently on multiple fuels, including diesel and hydrogen.
Hear what the experts think about Poseidon Marine H2 at The Australian and see below the front page coverage the company received in one of Australia’s biggest newspapers.
The interest sparked by some of Australia’s most respected business reporters shows the company is on track to revolutionise the global marine industry by providing it with one of the world’s first carbon-free solutions.

Another global giant looks to Australia for hydrogen

The NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, has recently announced the state has the scale and infrastructure to supply Japan and other markets with 110,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030.
The State Government knows there is already a demand for the increase in production, following a key Japanese business leader saying his country will not reach its emission reduction targets without NSW’s rapidly expanding green hydrogen industry.

Key talking points:

  • NSW has two deep seaports, an abundance of renewable energy and a great opportunity to lead the nation when it comes to capital investment and job creation in the sector.
  • Perrottet hopes his government would have $270 billion invested into the burgeoning industry as the world pushes for decarbonisation.
  • The Premier said his government is striving to reduce the cost of production to $2.80 per kilo by 2030.
  • NSW Treasurer, Matt Kean, said the State, along with Victoria, would spend up to $20 million on hydrogen refuelling stations along the Hume Highway, the east coast’s busiest freight route, in a bid to drive down carbon emissions.
This acknowledgement from Japan shows a global consensus emerging where Australia is backed to become the world’s leading exporter of green hydrogen.
Earlier this month, Europe’s biggest hydrogen project — the Port of Rotterdam — said they were looking to Australian imports to help quadruple supplies of clean energy.

Hydrogen fuel cell testing underway

Poseidon Marine H2’s technical partner Dynamic Efficiency has commenced testing of hydrogen fuel cells for the revolutionary marine technology that will allow boats to operate more efficiently on hydrogen fuels.
The results from the testing will be invaluable, as it will show Poseidon Marine H2 how they can optimise the performance of the fuel cells they will be using.
This, along with the finite element analysis, a proof of concept, certification and provisional patent they will have secured by end of Q3 2022, will provide the company with the leverage needed to form offtake agreements with large boat manufacturers.

Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are always seeking investments in the renewable space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about how we can bring value to your business. Liberty Energy Capital has a proven track record in helping companies accelerate their growth and generate the funding needed for success.

Currently, we are seeking technology partners for:

  • Pioneer Aerospace H2: a company that is committed to helping the aerospace industry transition to sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy through cutting-edge hydrogen technology.
  • Buy Hydrogen: a company seeking to provide Australians with a direct purchasing link to hydrogen suppliers, ensuring users receive the best price.
  • Clean Renewable Technologies: a company looking to licence their technology to Australian businesses, enabling renewable power production for domestic and international markets.
  • Trojan Logistics: a business with plans to become the Australian leader of hydrogen transportation, being the country’s first molecular storage, haulage and distribution operator.
  • Voyager Hydrogen: is a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.
  • Pure Biochar: seeking a technology partner to leverage the substantial opportunities the biochar market presents.
Get in touch today if interested in working with us on these exciting projects. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next instalment of the Green Investors Club in two weeks’ time.
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