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Green Investors Club Mid-June Wrap Up

As we reach the end of the financial year, we are excited to see the progress green hydrogen and other forms of renewable energy have made globally.
Look below for an update on all the exciting moves our partners are making.

Investor confidence allows Poseidon Marine H2 to commission finite element analysis

Investors have backed the Poseidon Marine H2 capital raise, allowing them to commission a finite element analysis of their designs, which takes them one step closer to having a hydrogen-powered boat in the water by Q3 2023.
The testing carried out by an independent company will provide Poseidon Marine H2 with a proof of concept for their technology that will allow boats to operate off multiple fuels including diesel and hydrogen.
By the end of August 2022, the company will provisionally patent their technology and begin the process of getting it certified by insurers.
Following this, they will be able to form licensing agreements with large manufacturers and industrial/public contracts with defence forces, ferry operators, police bodies and other major maritime sectors around the world.
Once they have a working boat in Q3 2023, the company will seek to commercialise their product via a planned public listing in early 2024.
Read their investor presentation to see how they plan to achieve this or go straight to VCEX so you do not miss out on this seed level opportunity!

Australia’s first industrial-scale biochar company launches

Pure Biochar has launched with the intention of becoming Australia’s largest biochar producer, servicing a lucrative commercial and industrial market.
The company will be executing a capital raise to fund a feasibility study in the coming weeks.
The raise will provide investors with an opportunity to get involved with a seed level company that will target an international biochar sector estimated to reach a market size of US$3.1b by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13.2%.
“Our goal is to become Australia’s first mass-producer of biochar so we can deliver this fantastic product to the Australian market and surrounding Asian regions where it is already established,” says Pure Biochar Director, Glenn Davies.
The company says biochar is becoming increasingly popular because it turns biomass waste streams into revenue whilst having an incredible impact on the environment and climate.

Patriot’s biomass to hydrogen systems are drawing all the right attention

Patriot Hydrogen is working full steam ahead towards a planned listing on the ASX to support the delivery of their units to several potential clients.
The company is going from strength to strength, generating substantial market interest from organisations looking at the business as a whole.
The company has several enquiries from entities weighing up whether Patriot’s model — which has technology that can generate multiple carbon-free revenue streams — is a suitable acquisition for their business.
The company says businesses across a variety of industries are excited by their pyrolysis system that converts biomass waste into five valuable revenue streams — biochar, syngas (dense hydrogen) for fuel or generating electricity into the grid, carbon credits and wood vinegar for fertiliser.
The company’s focus over the next few months is getting its first project commissioned and carrying out testing to check its success, reliability and the economic parameters around it.
Once the company has a successful proof of concept, projects under development and a forward book of orders going ahead, it will pursue a listing event, although word of mouth has it that there are three potential suitors looking to acquire Patriot before any listing event.

Major hydrogen infrastructure company launches

A new green energy heavyweight has been launched, National H2, to build Australia’s first network of hydrogen production plants.
The company intends to purchase businesses with existing revenue streams, contracts, infrastructure, biomass supplies, and industrially-zoned land, which they will use to develop state-of-the-art hydrogen facilities.
National H2 will be able to accelerate its pathway to hydrogen production as they are targeting sites that have the land, cash flow and feedstock required to execute projects of this calibre.
The company is set to announce the acquisition of sites in the next few weeks.
Once National H2 has started constructing waste-to-energy plants and has a series of offtake agreements in place, it will seek a planned listing on a major exchange to expand its operations into more sites.
Through this strategy, National H2 believes they are strongly positioned to build the next generation of legacy infrastructure that will connect millions of people with clean hydrogen energy for the next hundred years.

Aviation H2 will acquire test engines in the next four to six weeks

Aviation H2 continues to progress toward having Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane in the sky by mid-2023 with the company starting the process to acquire test engines for modification, which are due to arrive in the next four to six weeks.
Speaking to Stockhead, Director, Dr Helmut Mayer said the company was in the process of acquiring two-three test engines, which they will use as proof of concept for their method of converting jet planes to carbon-free fuel.
Its strategic partner and specialist charter flight operator FalconAir is currently going through the process of making sure those engines meet Aviation H2’s requirements.
Once the test flight is successful in the middle of 2023, Aviation H2 will have a patentable method for modifying aircraft so they operate on carbon-free fuel.
Following this, they will quickly seek to certify and commercialise this product via a planned public listing on a major exchange in Q4 2023.
Click the links below for more details or to invest in this revolutionary aviation technology.

H2X Global’s CEO, Brendan Norman, speaks on Stockhead’s new podcast series

Stock Insiders is a new podcast series focused on investing hosted by renowned business journalist Oriel Morrison.
In this episode, Oriel chats to Brendan Norman, H2X Global’s founder and CEO, about how the company expects to have their hydrogen vehicles on the road within the year.

Pure Hydrogen Directors to take up shares in Botala Energy

According to Stockhead, Pure Hydrogen Directors have demonstrated their belief in the potential of ASX hopeful Botala Energy by committing to investing in its upcoming $7m IPO.
Chairman Ron Prefontaine, who was the former operations Director of Bow and Arrow Energy that sold for a combined $4b, will invest $100,000 in Botala while Managing Director Scott Brown will pick up $30,000 worth of shares priced at 20c each.
This is in addition to Pure Hydrogen’s (ASX:PH2) existing agreement that gives it a 19.99% stake plus options in Botala upon the latter’s admission into the ASX in exchange for an additional 21% working interest in the Serowe CBM project in Botswana.
Prefontaine expressed his belief that Botala will be successful in commercialising the multi-trillion cubic feet of certified gas resources within their Botswana tenements to the benefit of Botala and Pure Hydrogen shareholders.

Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are always seeking partners in the renewable energy space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about how we can bring value to your business. Liberty Energy Capital has a proven track record in helping companies accelerate their growth and generate the funding needed for success.

Currently, we are seeking technology partners for:

  • Pioneer Aerospace H2: a company that is committed to helping the aerospace industry transition to sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy through cutting-edge hydrogen technology.
  • Buy Hydrogen: a company seeking to provide Australians with a direct purchasing link to hydrogen suppliers, ensuring users receive the best price.
  • Clean Renewable Technologies: a company looking to licence their technology to Australian businesses, enabling renewable power production for domestic and international markets.
  • Trojan Logistics: a business with plans to become the Australian leader of hydrogen transportation, being the country’s first molecular storage, haulage and distribution operator.
  • Voyager Hydrogen: is a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.

Get in touch today if interested in working with us on these exciting projects. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next instalment of the Green Investors Club in two weeks’ time.

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