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Green Investors Club Mid-May Wrap Up

As we approach the sixth month of 2022, Liberty Energy Capital and its partners are pushing full steam ahead to close out the month with a series of deals, capital raises, and opportunities for potential technology partners.
We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the renewable energy revolution.

Look below for an update on all the exciting moves our partners are making in the clean hydrogen space.

Invest in a pre-IPO hydrogen boating company

Don’t miss out on investing in this seed-level company with a clear pathway to a planned listing on a major exchange in the next 12-18 months.
Poseidon Marine H2 has launched a capital raise via the online platform VCEX to finance the initial stages of developing a hydrogen-powered boat which their team of world-class engineers expect to have in the water by the third quarter of 2023.
Company directors are speaking with major boat manufacturers to form offtake agreements and licensing deals so they can hit the ground running once the product is ready for market.
Poseidon Marine H2 also plans to target large public contracts with the Australian Defence Force along with various policing bodies and ferry operators.

Following this, the company will commercialise their product which will have an equivalent operational range, requires less maintenance and is cheaper to run than traditional fuel source, through a planned public listing in February 2024.

Investors showing confidence in Aviation H2 ‘Series B Capital Raise’

After completing its feasibility study and signing a strategic partnership with FalconAir, investors have backed the Aviation H2 capital raise, which has been facilitated by the online platform VCEX to fund the construction of its first modification prototype.
Once the test flight is successful in the middle of 2023, Aviation H2 will have a patentable method for modifying planes so they operate on carbon-free fuel.

Following this, they will seek to certify and commercialise this product via a planned public listing on a major exchange in Q4 of 2023.

Investment highlights:
  • The feasibility study is complete, which provides a clear pathway to building Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane.
  • A strategic partnership with FalconAir gives Aviation H2 access to their Bankstown hangar, facilities and operating licences so they can begin building the aircraft.
  • FalconAir will help Aviation H2 acquire test engines and aircraft that will be used to deliver the project.
  • The approach will modify existing aircraft so they are powered by green hydrogen, meaning uptake will be quick as the assets already exist.

With limited shares available you will not want to miss out on this rare opportunity!

Prototype installation advances following a successful capital raise

After a successful capital raise via the online platform VCEXH2I Technology has advanced the installation of its revolutionary hydrogen enhancement kits at its Melbourne workshop.
The company’s team of world-renowned engineers will be running trials with a stationary generator and collecting the data to confirm the emissions reduction and diesel fuel savings.
The company has chosen this specific engine type because potential customers from the mining industry are interested in how the technology can extend the operational life and optimise the efficiency of their current diesel infrastructure.
Once testing is complete, H2I Technology will share the results and footage, while also showcasing its hydrogen enhancement kits to decision-makers from the mining sector.
The company is on track to have the final prototype ready for market by Q4 of 2022, following this they will seek a listing on a major exchange in early 2023 to commercialise their operations.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this exciting venture and reach out to us if interested in the ‘Series B Capital Raise’.

Pure Hydrogen seeks a leading role in the staggering Indian hydrogen market

According to Stockhead, Pure Hydrogen(ASX:PH2) is looking to take a leading position in India’s hydrogen sector by forming a joint venture with global automotive component manufacturer Advik Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

The agreement will see Pure Hydrogen and Advik establish an Indian hydrogen production facility that will sell, transport and distribute hydrogen across India.

Seeking Project Managers for London and Dubai

As Liberty Energy Capital looks to expand, we are currently looking for two Project Managers to fill roles in London and Dubai.

The ideal candidate would have the following skills:

  • Successful in delivering project objectives on time and at cost.
  • Hands-on experience dealing with companies, executives, government agencies and officials.
  • Proven project management skills managing scope, time, cost, quality, communication, risk procurement, stakeholder management and integration.
  • Ensure that we meet contractual obligations to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Procure new business and clients.
  • Business development experience.
  • Budget estimation, business case writing and review, and contract management.
  • Effectively managing and supporting existing clients.
  • Liaising with capital markets; fundraising, working with brokers and shareholders, market and regulatory authorities.

Always searching for renewable energy partners

We are always seeking investments in the renewable space, focusing on hydrogen, so reach out to our team now to chat about how we can bring value to your business. Liberty Energy Capital has a proven track record in helping companies accelerate their growth and generate the funding needed for success.

Currently, we are seeking technology partners for:

  • Pioneer Aerospace H2: a company that is committed to helping the aerospace industry transition to sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy through cutting-edge hydrogen technology.
  • Buy Hydrogen: a company seeking to provide Australians with a direct purchasing link to hydrogen suppliers, ensuring users receive the best price.
  • Clean Renewable Technologies: a company looking to licence their technology to Australian businesses, enabling renewable power production for domestic and international markets.
  • Trojan Logistics: a business with plans to become the Australian leader of hydrogen transportation, being the country’s first molecular storage, haulage and distribution operator.
  • Voyager Hydrogen: is a natural hydrogen exploration company seeking to find underground deposits of the gas.
  • Pure Biochar: seeking a technology partner to leverage the substantial opportunities the biochar market presents.

Get in touch today if interested in working with us on these exciting projects. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next instalment of the Green Investors Club in two weeks’ time.

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We are passionate about helping businesses realise their full potential and connecting key players to drive impact at scale, so reach out if you have an idea or want to join us in the green energy revolution.

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