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Hydrogen Hubs Get $150m Boost In Initiative

Coleman, who’s also on the board of oil services giant Schlumberger, is a long-time proponent of hydrogen as a means of reducing carbon emissions.

He had previously predicted that the competitiveness of producing green hydrogen would improve once electrolysis equipment was produced at scale and told the Australian Financial Review after leaving Woodside that the real future growth for Australia was in green hydrogen.

“Hydrogen produced from renewable sources, in particular, has enormous potential to decarbonize economies in the future as investment levels increase, climate policies strengthen, and costs of production decrease,” Coleman said.

“Hydrogen is a transport fuel of the future and can be used to decarbonize long haulage transport and remote operations and to reduce emissions in heavy industry and infrastructure.

“I join the IBE board with the business at an advanced stage in securing its domestic and export market positions and I’m delighted to be leading an Australian business that will be at the forefront of the nation’s desire to create a renewable hydrogen industry.”

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