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Invest in a Cutting-edge Electric Vehicle Conversion Facility

After launching a capital raise on VCEX to fund the initial stages of developing their facility for converting pre-1996 vehicles to electric power, Iconic EV has seen a significant amount of market demand.
In the next 18 months, the company intends to develop a long list of clients, which will be followed by a planned listing on a major exchange so they can build a state-of-the-art conversion facility.
The company believes there will be a growing need for this service as vintage car owners will look to protect the longevity of their vehicles by ensuring they can operate on future refuelling infrastructure.
As traditional fuel prices continue to rise and recharging stations become the norm, electric conversion will become a must.

The results showed the technology can:

First To Market

Iconic EV plans to become the first Australian company with a large-scale facility capable of converting a high volume of cars each month, which will allow them to take a substantial portion of the market.

Targeting A High-Value Industry

There are approximately 1.3m vehicles 30 or more years old still fully registered in Australia with most owned by enthusiasts. The numbers indicate the annual spend on Australian historic cars is A$2.2b.

Meeting The Global Shift

With most countries around the world looking to phase out fossil fuels/internal combustion engines, vintage car owners will need to convert their vehicles to electric so they can ensure its longevity and avoid excessive taxes/fuel prices.
With limited shares available you will not want to miss out on this pre-IPO opportunity!
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