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Invest in a pre-IPO hydrogen boating company

Don’t miss out on investing in this seed-level company with a clear pathway to a planned listing on a major exchange in the next 12-18 months.

Poseidon Marine H2 has launched a capital raise via the online platform VCEX to finance the initial stages of developing a hydrogen-powered boat which their team of world-class engineers expect to have in the water by the third quarter of 2023.

Following this, the company will commercialise their product which will have an equivalent operational range, requires less maintenance and is cheaper to run than traditional fuel source, through a planned public listing in February 2024.

Already targeting potential customers and significant markets

  • Company directors are speaking with major boat manufacturers to form offtake agreements and licencing deals so they can hit the ground running once the product is ready for market.
  • The company will target the new motor yacht market, which has a projected 2026 market size of US$11.05b, with Europe making up 35 per cent of the sector (US$3.87b).
  • Europe has committed to ending the production of carbon-fuelled boats by 2030, creating a substantial opportunity for the company to fill the technology vacuum in this market set to be worth US$5b and ensure the transition is sustainable.

Multiple revenue streams

1. Licencing Agreements
  • License their technology to pleasure craft manufacturers so they can build hydrogen-powered boats.
2. Royalty Opportunities
  • Writing the global standards around Poseidon Marine H2’s IP will open a range of lucrative royalty opportunities.

A clear pathway to a planned public listing

1. Engineering Proof of Concept (Completed by June 2022)
  • Complete a feasibility study to establish the proof of concept, register IP and begin speaking with large boat manufacturers to form offtake agreements.
2. Engineering Design (Completed by January 2023)
  • Detailed engineering and design for the complete marine vessel, which will allow the company to start building the hydrogen-powered boat. During this process, the company expects to be able to start taking pre-orders for boats and securing large offtake agreements by Q3 2022.
3. Building the boat (Completed by August)
  • After the parts are procured and the boat is manufactured, sea trialling will begin. The proof of concept will be showcased to potential customers and manufacturers interested in licencing agreements.
4. Boat built, is operational and commissioned (Completed by September 2023)
  • Sea trialling is successful allowing the company to commence constructing vessels for sale and licencing their IP to large boat manufacturers.
5. Seek a listing on a major exchange (Completed by February 2024)
  • Planned listing on a major exchange to fund the commercialisation of the revolutionary technology.

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