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Currently Raising

Pure Biochar

In the coming weeks, Pure Biochar will launch a capital raise that will see investors get access to an international biochar market estimated to reach US$3.1b by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13.2%. The exciting new venture intends to become Australia’s biggest biochar producer, servicing a large commercial and industrial market. Stay tuned for more details!


Iconic EV is a boutique garage offering a custom service for converting iconic pre-1996 vehicles to electric power, using a Tesla battery. Don’t miss out on investing in a company that has an experienced team of mechanics who are able to modify these vehicles so they run better using an electric motor and look great too.

Aviation H2 logo

Invest in a company that has a clear pathway to building Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane by the middle of 2023. Aviation H2 will commercialise their patentable method for converting an aircraft to hydrogen via a planned public listing on a major exchange in Q4 2023

Poseidon Marine H2

Don’t miss out on investing in a seed-level hydrogen boating company with a clear pathway to a planned listing on a major exchange in the next 12-18 months. Once Poseidon Marine H2 has a boat in the water by Q3 2023, the company will seek to commercialise their technology via a planned public listing in early 2024.

Expressions of Interest

A new green energy heavyweight on track to build Australia’s first network of hydrogen production plants. National H2 intends to acquire businesses with existing revenue streams, contracts, infrastructure, biomass supplies, and industrially-zoned land, which they will use to develop state-of-the-art hydrogen facilities.

An exciting opportunity to invest in a company currently trialling its hydrogen enhancement kits for internal combustion engines, which they will showcase to potential mining customers who have shown interest. H2i Technology is on track to have the final prototype ready for market by Q4 2022, which will be followed by a planned IPO in early 2023.

Coming Soon icon

A new low carbon hydrogen venture constructing projects across the globe and plans to list on either NASDAQ or the London Stock Exchange is expected to be launched in the coming weeks. These projects and deals will bring lucrative investment opportunities which will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more details!

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