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Liberty Energy Capital November Wrap Up

See below a wrap-up of all the exciting moves our partners are making in the renewable energy space.

H2X Global

  • Presented its fuel cell breakthroughs to world leaders at the COP26, which validates the company’s position as a global leader in technological advancements that are tackling climate change.
  • Signed an MOU with the Sarawak State Government in Malaysia to help build the region into a major hydrogen hub through the production and delivery of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
  • Announced an agreement with Gippsland Circular Economy Precinct to manufacturer its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and a range of hydrogen power units, including generators and emergency power supplies in the region.

Titan Hydrogen

  • Early testing by the Queensland University of Technology proved that Titan Hydrogen’s fuel cell enhancement technology delivers significantly higher voltages compared with regular fuel cells.
  • In preparation for an ASX-listing in 2022, Titan appointed a broker and legal team. You can invest in the company set to revolutionise the industry with its science-first approach here.
  • Hear what experts think about the momentum Titan is building in the Australian Financial Review. The interest sparked from some of Australia’s most respected financial reporters proves there is an appetite across the country for their groundbreaking technology.

Patriot Hydrogen

  • Signed a deal with Western Australia’s Kimberley Clean Energy to supply 75 portable Patriot to Hydrogen units for hydrogen and power production.
  • Formed a joint venture with Singaporean renewable fuel technology company CAC-H₂, who will become Patriot’s lead technology provider, supporting Patriot Hydrogen’s projects to develop, build and commission waste-to-hydrogen plants.
  • Announced its intentions to raise working capital for a suitable securities exchange either in Australia, Canada, or the United States.

Poseidon Marine H2

  • The company launched in November and announced its plans on becoming a big player in Australia’s hydrogen-fuelled maritime industry.
  • Poseidon H2 will use leading-edge green hydrogen technology in a range of maritime applications and set the industry on a route towards zero-carbon emissions.
  • The company is currently searching for a chief executive officer and to fill several executive positions — if interested, reach out here.

Aviation H2

  • The company launched in November and announced its ambition to become Australia’s first hydrogen-fuelled aviation company.
  • Engaged a team of internationally respected engineers to build a hydrogen-fuelled aeroplane, which could be in the air in as little as 18 months.
  • The company has elected Captain Gregory Keogh as a new member of its board. Keogh has over 30 years of airline experience including seven as training examiner on the B777 aircraft for Emirates Airlines.

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