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Series C Capital Raise Launching Next Week

Aviation H2 is launching its Series C Capital Raise next week, via the online trading platform PrimaryMarkets, to finance the next stage of building Australia’s first hydrogen-powered plane due to be in the skies in 2023.

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Liberty Hydrogen Launches Today

Liberty Hydrogen has launched with development plans underway to build an industrial-scale biomass to green ammonia facility in Western Australia for domestic and international sale.

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Experts Back Poseidon Marine H2

Experts Back Poseidon Marine H2

Jade Buddha owners Phil and Gary Hogan are the last men standing down at Eagle St Pier in the Brisbane CBD.
Over recent weeks, all the major eateries at the pier have closed their doors in preparation for a major redevelopment of the iconic site by Dexus.

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voyager h2 Technology Partner

Voyager H2 is Seeking a Technology Partner!

Voyager H2 is searching for a technology partner to spearhead its ambitions of becoming a global leader in natural hydrogen exploration, which involves finding underground deposits of the gas and extracting it for clean, cheap energy.

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Iconic EV Target

Iconic EV Targets $2.2b Market

Iconic EV believes targeting Australia’s historic car sector, which has an annual spend of A$2.2b, creates a substantial opportunity for the company to accelerate its business model.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing Is Underway

Poseidon Marine H2’s technical partner Dynamic Efficiency has commenced testing of hydrogen fuel cells for the revolutionary marine technology that will allow boats to operate more efficiently on hydrogen fuels.
The results from the testing will be invaluable, as it will show Poseidon Marine H2 how they can optimise the performance of the fuel cells they will be using.

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