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Patriot’s waste biomass to hydrogen systems are drawing all the right attention

Patriot Hydrogen is working full steam ahead towards a planned listing on the ASX to support the delivery of their units to several potential clients.

Patriot Hydrogen is going from strength to strength with the company generating substantial market interest from organisations looking at the business as a whole.
The company has several enquiries from entities weighing up whether Patriot’s model — which has technology that can generate multiple carbon-free revenue streams — is a suitable acquisition for their business.
The company says businesses across a variety of industries are excited by their pyrolysis system that converts biomass waste into five valuable revenue streams biochar, syngas (dense hydrogen) for fuel or generating electricity into the grid, carbon credits and wood vinegar for fertiliser.
While pyrolysis technology itself isn’t new, what is new is the company’s goal of designing a smaller, modular system which can operate on lower amounts of waste as feedstock, be more mobile for different customers and can be purchased off-the-shelf. Energy in a Box essentially.
“Our first unit has already been manufactured and is due to be delivered and commissioned for the customer at the end of July, start of August, and that will present us with the design framework towards modularisation ,” Patriot chairman Adam Giles said.
“We will have one of the world’s first mobile hydrogen production units capable of powering isolated, regional and remote communities. Previously, this required the construction of multi-billion-dollar facilities that are extremely expensive to move.”
The company says the units can be custom-fit for specific challenges and use various wastes for feedstock, meaning it can be scaled quickly across multiple markets.
“The scalability of the technology is reflected in the large amount of interest we have received from a variety of industries. Due to our ability to tailor the units to certain feedstocks, we are confident we will be able to service most businesses across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors.”
“We have contracts with firms in South East Asia, most notably Singapore and Malaysia, who we have engaged to design us systems for modular pyrolysis energy production that can be designed to operate off multiple feedstock — but our intention is to bring that technology home and manufacture here in Australia.”
Success in designing a modular pyrolysis system will allow Patriot to progress its business model,. Their goal is for potential customers to have the option of Patriot owning and managing the unit on site, or purchasing the unit and managing it themselves.
“Ultimately, we would like to get to a position where we can financially support the individuals, businesses and companies acquiring these assets and/or participate in an energy offtake arrangement because we will have the ability to bolt on energy production modules on the end of these in the future,” Giles added.
The owner of the units will also be able to claim carbon credits while the waste owners get to claim offset credits.
“Everyone wins, particularly the environment and there is a sound economic return for shareholders,” Chairman Adam Giles told Stockhead. “It will also be a green hydrogen electricity generator selling into the market, all at below zero emissions. An environmentally positive waste recycling model that is both cashflows positive with negative emissions.”

Upcoming activity and potential listing 

The company’s focus over the next few months is getting its first project commissioned and carrying out testing to check its success, reliability and the economic parameters around it.
Once the company has a successful proof of concept, projects under development and a forward book of orders going ahead, it will pursue a listing event, although word of mouth has it that there are three potential suitors looking to acquire Patriot before any listing event.
The minimum of 12 additional operational plants around Australia and New Zealand over the next year will help advance the economics and systems of pyrolysis for Patriot in Australia and into the future.
Source: Stockhead
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