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Pure Biochar

Pure Biochar

Pure Biochar is seeking to leverage the substantial opportunities the biochar market presents. Biochar is a by-product of the process for producing hydrogen.

The company will use its existing relationships to develop an in industrial scale biochar production facility, so it has a constant supply of the charcoal-like substance. 

Biochar can significantly reduce the need for fertilise, creating a large opportunity to fill the vacuum in an agriculture market that is seeing product shortages and subsequent price increases. 

The company (Pure Biochar) will target two high-value revenue streams:  

  • Biochar has lucrative applications in agriculture and construction. There is already a strong global market for this product and is valued at US$800 per tonne. The biochar sector is forecasted to cross the valuation of US$6.3b by 2031.
  • Biochar producers are eligible for two types of carbon credits – carbon removal and carbon offset. This can generate millions of dollars in revenue per year.

The company is currently seeking a technology partner so reach out if interested

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