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Waiting list opens for converting iconic pre-1996 vehicles to electric power

After receiving a substantial amount of interest following their launch last week, Iconic EV has opened a waiting list for Aussies wanting to convert their vintage pre-1996 vehicles to electric power.
To deliver on this surge in market demand, the company will be launching a capital raise to expand its operations.


Our experienced mechanics can modify any vintage pre-1996 vehicles so they run better off an electric motor and look great too.
Convert vehicle

Convert vehicle to full electric
using Telsa batteries

Vehicle reconditioning

Vehicle reconditioning optimises
your car’s performance

Vehicle restoration

Vehicle restoration to enhance
your car’s aesthetic


Australia-wide collection and
delivery once converted


Our proven process allows us to collect your vehicle from your driveway and return it fully converted and restored, within a 2-3 month period.
vehicle collection

Vehicle collection

old engine removal

Old engine removal

vehicle reconditioning

Vehicle reconditioning

Battery Installation

Battery installation




Restored/converted vehicle delivered
to your driveway

End result

Following the conversion, you can feel confident your vehicle will be completely restored, with its performance optimised and aesthetic enhanced.
Iconic Ev

Range of 200 kilometres

Iconic EV

0-100 in 4-6 seconds

Iconic EV

Increased operational life

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